BLSP (Bayesian Learning for Signal Processing) Group is a research group led by Prof. Feng Yin of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. The main research interests include Bayesian learning theory, probabilistic models and methods, causal inference, statistical estimation theory as well as their applications to signal processing and wireless communications applications.

Recent News

2023.08: xx joined BLSP Group as fresh Ph.D. students.

2023.08: Richard, Ao and Yanbo joined BLSP Group as fresh Ph.D. students.

2023.06: Feng YIN held a half-day Tutorial on “Sparsity-Aware Bayesian Learning” at ICASSP-2023, Rhodes Island, Greece. Click here to download the tutorial slides.

2023.05: Two papers authored by BLSP members have been published in ICASSP-2023.

2023.05: Feng YIN served as the leading GE for the special issue: Data-Driven Wireless Positioning towards High-Precision, Robustness, and Intelligence of Elsevier Signal Processing Journal.

2023.04: Paper: "Data-Adaptive M-Estimators for Robust Regression via Bi-Level Optimization" has been accepted by Elsevier Signal Processing Journal.

2023.03: Feng YIN received the Spark Award from Huawei Technology Co.Ltd.

2023.03: Paper: "A Framework for Millimeter-Wave Multi-User SLAM and Its Low-Cost Realization" has been accepted by Elsevier Signal Processing Journal. This is a joint work of Feng YIN with Jiajun HE and Prof. Hing-Cheung SO at City University of Hong Kong.

2023.02: Paper: "Deep Reinforcement Learning Empowers Automated Inverse Design and Optimization of Photonic Crystals for Nanoscale Laser Cavities" has been published in Nanophotonics. This is a joint work with Ceyao Zhang, Renjie Li and Prof. Zhaoyu Zhang at CUHK, Shenzhen.